Private SoulCollage® Party

Do you dread all the work that goes into planning the perfect party for your girlfriends, family or kiddos? Are you exhausted afterwards, and in a rut with how to make them more fun and meaningful?


i can relate

I used to bend over backwards and exhaust myself making delicious foods and creating a warm entertaining atmosphere for my guests, but no matter how much energy I put in, it never felt like it was enough.

Deep down, I really wanted to offer a more meaningful unique experience that went beyond yummy food and beautiful surroundings.

This is when I decided to incorporate SoulCollage®, Vision Boards or other creative activities into my parties. It was a huge hit, my girlfriends especially LOVED it!

Although, I loved seeing my friends so happy— I still fantasize about someone else coming in to lead the creative activity FOR me, so I could join in on all the fun—kind of like one of those all in one party packages you get for your kids at BounceU, or SkyZone.

I imagine you feel this way, too! That’s why I created this offering for you! I want you to sit back and relax, enjoy your own party, while I plan an amazing experience for you and your loved ones!

• Parties are 3 hours long, and scheduled for a weekday, evening or on the weekend. You host the party in your home, or at another venue of your choosing.

• Next you choose the theme for your event. Some examples might be; cards to honor a birthday or special occasion, vision boards, goal setting, spiritual connection, stress relief, self care, creative expression etc. The possibilities are endless. We tailor the party to fit your needs.
• I begin the party with introductions and a toast (kombucha, champagne or sparkling water) and set intentions for the time together.
• After I give Instructions for how to make a SoulCollage card, you take time to create your collage cards by pasting images on small cards, listening to music, allowing your intuitive self to guide the way.
• Once you make 1-2 cards, each guest shares their cards with the group and reflects on their meaning through journaling prompts.
• We end with a ceremonial gallery walk, honoring all the beautiful cards that were created.

SoulCollage® parties are designed as a soulful way to celebrate.
You and your girlfriends, family and/or kiddos will have lots of fun
together while expressing your true selves and leave with a sense
of connection, joy and inspiration!