A six week journey of Soul-Care! 
You have been making it okay to put everyone else first. SLOW DOWN. Give yourself the gift of Self-Care. 

A 6-week journey of caring for yourself on a Soul level


You know the feeling….you are caught up in the busyness of day to day life, taking care of your family and feel guilty for needing “me time” just to center yourself and find some peace of mind.
You are not alone! According to Julie Burton, author of The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being, “…almost all mothers, regardless of work status, struggle with feelings of guilt when they take time away from their children to practice self-care," says Burton.
You are so busy taking care of others that you can barely stir up the energy to get your workout in, much less consistently get up even earlier to meditate, journal or reflect on YOUR dreams!

But, the more time that passes, the louder that inner voice becomes calling you to come home to yourself, to slow down, to create space for soul-care.

I can relate! I have been there so many times! I ignored
my inner truth for so long that I developed a deep depression and an autoimmune disease, where my body literally started attacking itself!
This was a huge wake up call for me to indulge in radical self care and prioritize time to reflect, be creative, meditate and listen to the whispers of my soul.

After leading dozens of workshops, book study groups and coaching clients I’ve seen countless spiritual  transformations and “aha” moments to know the power of SoulCollage® coupled with visualization in a supportive environment— is the perfect formula to answer that call —to care of  yourself on a deep soul level.

I'd love to help you get centered in the peace of mind and purpose!

What's included

6 Weekly sessions to destress, awaken your creativity and connect to a loving supportive community.


• Week 1- You will set an intention and learn a modern form of affirmative prayer to support and ground your Soul-Care journey.

Week 2- Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and create SoulCollage® cards (you will receive a supply kit in the mail when you sign up).

Week 3- Discover the hidden meaning behind your SoulCollage® cards and connect to your soul’s guidance through journaling prompts and processing.

Week 4- Identify any shadow beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to shift these patterns through a unique forgiveness process.

Week 5- Explore the power of visualization and the secrets to creating the deep the desires of your heart.

Week 6- Activate your Soul-Care Plan by committing to small steps to move towards your soul’s guidance and your divine purpose in life. Create a long tern Soul-Care practice that you can stick to. Celebrate in ritual and a surprise delivery at your door.
• Bonus* SoulCollage kit (includes 12 cards, special glue stick and pen) to continue creating cards on your own!

Key Benefits

• Get fired up emotionally about your ideal future
• A weekly session to promote relaxation, stress relief and time for yourself dedicated to spiritual growth all while having lots of fun

• Clarity on your life from your soul’s guidance

•  Space to connect and share in a safe space

• Specific steps to take to activate your soul purpose

• Bust through blocks that have held you back in the past and shift challenges in your life

•  A plan to stay connected to your soul guidance and sense of purpose for the long term

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

• You are delighted at the idea of a creative art process to help you grow

• You feel you need some “me time” to nurture your soul

• You know you need to reduce your stress levels, and maybe aren't sure how

• You are open to expressing yourself in new creative ways

•You want to take better care of yourself for the long term

• Being creative is not your thing
• You have plenty of time to meditate,
 journal, create and tend to your soul
• You are not ready to move forward on
 your creative dreams and projects
• You are not willing to look at yourself
 from a different perspective and change
 your mindset


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Investment: $1,250

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