My path in supporting others as they healed, started 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with Lupus. After seeing doctors and trying different holistic therapies to heal, I realized that listening to our inner guidance system with a loving presence was the number one key to healing. Also, the number one thing I had been neglecting.

I learned that prioritizing spiritual connection with our bodies and intuition was key to moving from self-attack to self-love.

This experience led me to understand that while it's important to physically nurture the body through supplements, diet, and balanced wellness, ultimate healing comes from connecting to the loving presence within us all.

After my comeback journey, I followed a passionate calling to support others personal transformation, and do all that I can to help women tune into the guidance of their soul. Being an extrovert by day, and an introvert by night, I understand the need for space, which is why I offer both one on one sessions and group work.

In these uniquely designed experiences, I hold the space for a direct link to the loving support of the Universe. What that leads to is transformation of deep fears and healing all aspects of your life, from the little day-to-day fears to the big, juicy life-transitions.

Whether we are calling upon the energy of Intuitive Art, meditation, journaling, SoulCollage®, goal setting, or other helpful tools, I promise you the journey is sure to be fun, reflective, and inspiring!





• SoulCollage® Facilitator

• M.A. in Counseling Art Therapy

• Certified Life Coach by the QSCA
   Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
• Certified 200-hr Yoga Teacher
• Student and Teacher of A Course in Miracles for 25+ years

• Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Master Class Levels 1 & 2

When I am not practicing mind, body soul wellness—, I am often found spending time with friends and family, entertaining, cooking, shopping for a new outfit or rearranging my living room. I love to create beautiful surroundings that reflect my soul and ever evolving personal style. I am also passionate about helping friends bring out their personal style, too !

Weekly date nights with my best friend and hubby are a priority in my life. We met on the bus in junior high school and starting dating after our 10 year high school reunion. Here we are in Greece in 2018!