SoulCollage® is a fun, intuitive and creative collage process to express and explore your inner world and learn about yourself.

A SoulCollage® card is made by cutting out images from magazines and placing them together to create a small cards to represent different aspects of your personality or Soul. You then use the cards to intuitively answer questions and participate in the journey of self-discovery through a simple interactive process.



I haven’t always been so willing to give my various parts a voice, especially the parts of myself I didn’t want to see. I used to attach myself for everything, and set unrealistic expectations for myself while getting stuck in guilt and feelings of unworthiness. I feel it was no accident that this pattern later manifested into an autoimmune disease, where my cells were literally attacking themselves. 

When I got sick several years ago, I came across so many different theories on healing…

Should I follow traditional medicine or go the natural route?

Which doctor should I go to?
Which supplements and medications should I be taking?
Could diet aid in my recovery process?
Do I need to workout more or less?
Which workout routines and yoga styles are best for me?
What is the next best step in my healing process?

I was always overwhelmed with all of these questions and looking to my doctor, acupuncturist or most all GOOGLE to tell me what to do, but what I found was that I received the best answers by tuning into my intuition. This guidance from within eventually led me to the best health and soul connection I could ever have imagined.

Meditation, journaling and creating have always helped me to fine tune my alignment with my soul essence and guide me out of the darkness into the light.

SoulCollage® is a beautiful tool that I have found to access that deep wisdom within.
It cuts through the muck and goes straight to the TRUTH. 

Are you wanting to quiet the chatter in your mind and get to know what your soul is trying to tell you?
Are you looking for a new way to tap into your intuitive wisdom and gain insight and guidance on your health
and/or soul purpose?
Are you wanting to reawaken your creative side?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions...a SoulCollage® workshop may be the perfect inspiring
experience for you!
If you are interested in learning more about SoulCollage® and being notified of upcoming live
workshops and virtual events


SoulCollage®, I believe, presents an intuitive and imaginative way to dance with our many forms, our many Neters (energies or parts of our soul), embracing them, getting to know them,and seeing them as divine at their essence, even seeing them as part of who we truly are. I am One, yes, but also and essentially I am Many.’

~Seena Frost, Founder of SoulCollage®